Surf Academy Agadir offers a range of courses: surfing, bodyboarding, and stand up paddle for all ages and levels. From the Starter Formula for beginners to the Tailored Formula for trainees wanting private lessons, with the Surf Academy in Agadir, you benefit from a year-round learning experience.


École de Surf Agadir Maroc

Learn to stand up, manage your balance to surf the wave for as long as possible. We offer different types of surfboards, each adapted to the physique and level of the practitioners. Surf Academy Agadir offers you the opportunity to learn surfing on the Agadir Bay through initiation or improvement courses. Pedagogy, learning, and improvement are the foundations of our profession. Our goal is to help you progress in surfing and share our passion with you.



École de Bodyboard Agadir Maroc

On a shorter board than a surfboard, lying on the board, with the help of fins propulsion, you will feel your first big sliding sensations. If you dream of a close-up view of the wave, intense contact with water, and enjoy “rolling” in the waves, bodyboarding is for you! Bodyboarding is an easy way to get maximum thrills.



École de Paddleboard Agadir Maroc

Discover the unique gliding sensations with Stand Up Paddle, whether on calm waters for a ride or in waves like surfing! Stand up paddle requires no prior balance sports skills. The newest of the sliding sports, Stand-Up Paddle is an excellent complement to surfing, partly due to its great accessibility. Enjoy rides along the bay or surf sessions in the waves, after a quick learning of balance and propulsion, you can evolve in total freedom.